Assisting The United States Armed Forces And Their Families

February 8th, 2016 - unitedstatespat

The United States Patriots website was started because of the growing concerns about what is happening to our service men and women and our veterans around the country. The Veterans Administration is in serious need of a complete overhaul. When the service men and women of this country are dying or getting sicker, committing suicide while waiting to get into a hospital. For treatment of injuries whether it is physical or mental, they sustained while protecting our country. Because of a new health care plan and some list that a complete incompetent idiot has control of. Something should have been done a lot sooner!! There is a lot more to do as well. We need to spend more money on fixing our service men, women and veterans. Not sending billions of dollars to a country that’s going to build a nuclear weapons and will be a full-fledged enemy soon!

The men and women of this country who have not served or could not serve for one reason or another are very concerned. If it were not for our service men and women we would not be enjoying the freedom we have today. We would like to thank the men and women of the armed forces for our freedom and their sacrifices. Get to know the men and women of our Armed Forces and veterans better and hear their stories. Not to mention the mothers, father’s, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands of our service men and women, who are outraged over the atrocities from our government. When most of our elected officials are confronted with this increasing problem by the citizens they lied their tails off! We as American citizens, can help to make all of our voices stronger together!

Our government seems to be taking most of the credit for the job that our service men and women are doing to keep our country safe, by saying I sent them. When they should be letting our commanders on the ground take care of business by eliminating the threats we have found. I know of 4 Americans who would be alive today if they would have left the situation in the hands of our military professionals!! Instead our commanders on the battlefield have to call the White House to get orders from a president or someone who was chosen by him. Who has never even fired a weapon or even dealt with a life changing decision. Then they get advice from military commanders, who have never been on a battlefield! It seems that the government is just doing enough to keep most of the threat away from our country and some of our service men and women busy, to satisfy the bleeding hearts of America. They have fired most of the greatest battlefield generals in American history, because they told the White House what to do and how to get rid of our present-day threats once and for all! They are downsizing our military in a time where we should be growing it. They are lending money to the enemy with stipulations and rules that have already been broken, before they even got their money.

The United States Patriots website wants to take steps in order to help protect our service men, women and veterans and get them whatever help they need. This can be done by American citizens, United States Armed Forces and veterans together, we all have something to give. There will be specific groups, services and friends available for anyone who needs it.

We are looking forward to any ideas or group titles, you may have to better assist our armed forces and families of service men and women. It seems the men and women of our government, forgot where they came from and how they found themselves where they are today. BUT we know, it is because of our men and women of the armed forces and the men and women of America, who worked to make this country great, by all of our selfless sacrifices to better our lives, families and country!

I would like to ask our service men and women, also veterans, what can we do to help them? How are you and your families being treated by the government and its services?

When you see a U.S. service member or a Veteran at any time, thank them for their service and your freedom!!

God Bless!

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