About Me

I was born and raised on a ranch in Wyoming. My father served in the Air Force for 3 years then made a career in the oil and gas industry, mom stayed home. I have 3 brothers and a little sister. We grew up hunting, fishing and competed in rodeo. Two of my brothers served in the Army, my oldest brother retired from the Army after 20 years of service. In our high school years we participated in high school rodeo. I sustained an injury that required my knee to be rebuilt. The surgeons did a great job I never had any pain or trouble with it. I decided when I was 19 to join the Marine Corps. I almost had all the paperwork filled out. The recruiter asked me about any injuries that I have had in the past I told him about my knee surgery. He informed me there was no military branch that would take me due to that injury. So I returned to the oil and gas industry and ranching.

My beautiful wife let me marry her and we live on the family ranch in Wyoming. There has always been something telling me I can still serve my country without being in the armed forces. I have donated for years to military and veterans causes. Through my years of working in the oil and gas industry I have met many veterans and worked side-by-side with them and heard their stories. I have witnessed firsthand how the veteran’s administration works while helping my dad deal with them and listening to my brothers.

I honestly believe that this is still the greatest country on earth! There is no place I’d rather have my family than right here. Our country has taken some serious hits in the last 10 years. I know for an absolute fact that if our service men and women and veterans and citizens of the United States of America pull together we can keep this country and make it even stronger!!

About The United States Patriots

The purpose of this site is to bring our service men and women together in one place. To get them reacquainted with old friends or meet new friends and share their stories. For our service member’s families to share what they see and hear and maybe even help others with something they overcame. To meet other Americans who did not serve that just want to thank them for their service, and offer a service we may have for them or just to make new friends. To share our concerns on how our country is being run and how the government is treating us all. We all have something to give. Everyone has a voice whether it be from our service men and women or our American citizens that love our country. Freedom is not free we all have fought for it and sacrificed for it in one way or another! Together our voices will be amplified and there will be no way our County, State or Government officials can ignore us.

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