The New Badge

The badges of all of the different agencies in the USA are to represent safety. Law enforcement of one type or another such as security of property, human life or our country itself.

This is our badge. It represents every American who is proud of this country and has sacrificed life, limb or family member or time away from our family’s for this great country and our countrymen! When our elected officials see this badge they will know we are watching over them!!! If not for men and women like us on the battlefield or in the workplace there would not be a government or USA!!

We are the United States of America!

We The People!!

Get Your Badge Today!

US Patriot Badge
US Patriot Badge With Holder
US Patriot Badge Holder

There are three styles to pick from:

  • Concave
  • Flat
  • Curved

Where it says ‘Freedom’ on the badge you may customize what you would like up to 12 characters

You may also purchase a cut leather belt carrier clip

United States Patriots Badge

Badge Style
Customize (12 Character Max)

US Patriots Badge Belt Clip

Leather Belt Clip Carrier – $22.00

Get a Veteran Patch today!

Ride With a Veteran Badge
Show your pride in your Veteran Hero or active service member with a “Ride With a Veteran” patch.

Have their name embroidered on the bottom. Put it on your team jersey, sports jacket, or whatever you wear to show pride. These are great gifts they will love to see!

The patch is double sided Velcro. Sew the one side of the Velcro to your garment then you can remove the patch to wash the garment and keep the patch sharp.

The patches are 4″ tall and 4.5″ wide.

2 – 4 week Delivery.

Ride With a Veteran Patch

Velcro Patch – $12.00

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